Stage Plays

Craig has written several plays with his writing partner J. M. Joyce.

They are available for production, please contact Craig at

For all you Artistic Directors out there, we have two plays available and

ready for the stage:

Sports Car

Sports Car is a one-act comedy for two actors, about mid-life crisis.

It won first prize in the  National Playwriting Competition, the Solange Karsh Gold Medal and the Birks Gold Medal.  It requires

minimal staging and centers on a middle aged man dealing with the lost

opportunities in his life and his aggressive and impractical plan to recapture

his lost youth.  His wife, lovers and teenage girl next door are all played

by one actress.

Bob, Frank and Mary are three people destined to keep 
meeting in those odd moments when daily life takes an unexpected turn.  A

self-help group, a hostage bank robbery or a hermit with a nagging ex-wife are just some

of the situations that they have to deal with each other and invariably, at least one of them dies horribly.
Obstacles is a full-length dark comedy, for three actors with
simple staging and an unconventional structure. Developed with the assistance of the

Playwrights Theatre Centre  in Vancouver, directed by Chapelle Jaffe.


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