White Noir, My new Mystery

If you like film noir movies and the novels of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, you’ll enjoy this cold, fresh take on a hot Los Angeles detective tale.

Blake Massey is the only private eye for a thousand miles and his only chance to stay alive is to trust a beautiful woman. That has never worked out for him before…

White Noir – A Blake Massey Mystery is available as a paperback from Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, or as  an ebook from  Amazon Kindle, Smashwords,  and Lulu.com. Click on the highlighted links to purchase or read an excerpt before buying.

White Noir is a violent look at life in the harsh arctic barrens, where untold wealth lies hidden underground. The people are strange, the climate unforgiving and the women hidden under many layers of clothing. Massey is a classic LA detective except there are no palm trees, no sandy beaches and no traffic outside his office trailer. This noir mystery is ice cold and raw as an arctic wind biting on exposed flesh.

Check out the sample chapters on thevarious book sites site before buying.  I know you’ll like Remarkable Bay and Blake Massey, a guy just trying to start over in one of the most remote and beautiful places in our world.

White Noir book cover

Staying alive for Blake Massey means trusting a beautiful woman. It’s never worked for him before but this time, maybe she’s telling the truth…


Dig Three Tunnels: The Great Escape to Personal Financial Freedom

Hi, I’ve just written a new ebook on personal finance based on the lessons learned from the WWII story, The Great Escape.

Learn  how watching The Great Escape can set you on your way to Financial Freedom!

Check out my book on personal financial freedom: Dig Three Tunnels: Your Great Escape to Personal Financial Freedom. It’s only $2.99, available as an ebook at Amazon for only $2.99. Learn from these brave WWII soldiers how to break out of your own situation and head for the trees and freedom!

The Great Escape had three tunnels: Tom, Dick and Harry.  Experience had taught the officers that tunnels are risky and once discovered, hard to start over.  You have to think the same.  If your escape plan relies on one tunnel, you could be in danger of exposure.  You have to diversify, manage risk and keep several options open for your escape.

So, if you’re a POW (Prisoner Of Whatever holds you back), don’t keep bouncing the ball against the wall.  Decide to escape and get planning to dig those three tunnels.

Dig Three Tunnels Your Great Escape to Personal Financial Freedom//

Dig Three Tunnels book cover

Escape to a happier life: learn from best escape artists from WW II.