Craig Forgrave’s Brief Bio:

I am a cynical bastard with a love of Elmore Leonard’s 10 rules of writing and the bold concept of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. I am a published novelist (Devil Jazz, ENC Press), award-winning playwright (Karsh Gold Medal, Can. National Playwriting Competition), screenwriter (Writer’s Guild, Canada) and I maintain the “movie mood” website, MarketBOB.com with weekly movie reviews on Scribd.com (10,000+ subscribers, 1/4 million+ reads). I have been featured/quoted in The Globe and Mail, CNBC.com, CNN Entertainment and the LA Times.
White Noir is a mystery set in my own past, working in the oil business in the remote north of Canada. It is a beautiful, cold and angry land full of promise and ruthless weather. The people who chose to live there are adventurous, courageous and a bit crazy. Would you live in a place where, if your car broke down, you could die of exposure in under an hour? Blake Massey is my alter ego, the guy who leaves civilization to find a simpler life…


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