Movies We Love in Times of Depression

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Feeling down? Then watch a movie and escape from the everyday.


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Emotions shapes our lives and our futures. Understanding the emotions of crowds will help you to achieve your goals and convert your dreams into reality. Now, with the latest mood shift in the markets, This book is offered for a special price as a feature bonus for readers.  You need to know how the national mood affects your future.

Nervous about the future, especially now?  Understand that emotion shapes our lives and our futures.

Understanding the national mood will help you to achieve your goals and convert your dreams into reality.

Do you act differently when you’re depressed?  Are you slow to make decisions or take action?  Do you hesitate and hunker down, waiting for a better time to take a chance on something new?  Now imagine if you’re not the only one thinking like this.  What if the majority of people in the country shared these feelings?  If we are all depressed, we don’t buy as much, take as many trips or invest aggressively.  We lose our confidence in the future, especially in the predictability of tomorrow being “normal”.

Now, imagine if you could take a poll of people’s emotional state of mind, their collective mood?  Would this be important to you, knowing you’re not alone?  Well, the weekly box office is a national poll of our emotions.  The choices we make together when we choose a movie at the local theater is based on how we feel.  Are we sad, happy, angry, frustrated or scared?  Do we want to escape our daily lives, watch a story about someone else having a worse time that we are?

There have been three depressing decades from an economic point of view in the last 100 years.  The 1930s, 1970s and the 2000s were tough times for everyone.  During these tough times, the big question on everyone’s mind is “when is it going to get better?”  This book is an analysis of the weekly movie box office and the financial to create a profile of movies we like when we’re positive or negative about the future.  In times of depression (both emotionally and economically), we like different movies than in times of prosperity.  It depends on the movie genre, story and quality.  Each factor contributes to our “movie mood” and a measure of our collective state of mind.

If you only invested in the Dow Jones Index during these three decades, you would have lost 44% of your money over thirty long years. Isn’t that depressing? What movies would you go and see? Disaster movies? Horror? Screwball comedy? Yes, all of these genres. When we are losing money, depression makes us want to see movies which cheer us up, provide an escape from our troubles or release from our tension and anger by watching someone suffering even more than we are. When the world is going against you, you go to the movies.

Learn how the great movies of the past marked the turning points of bull and bear markets. All Quiet On The Western Front was the top movie as the DOW started a 89% crash in 1930.  Young Frankenstein turned the market around in 1974 and The Dark Knight preceded the Great Recession of 2008.  The movie mood at the box office measures the emotional mood of investors.  All you need to do is look back at the past.  Imagine doing investing research every week by going to the movies!  Sound like more fun that reading financial statements or divining chart patterns?  Get started using the box office as an indicator of the emotional mood of the investing herd with this book.

So join me in reviewing 30 years of depression and the movies we loved during these dismal times; movies like King Kong, The French Connection, The Hangover and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Each opened during a pivotal turning point in our history and confirmed a change in movie mood, a new wave of depression or optimism.  If you understand the emotional signals from the box office, you can take action in your own life with greater confidence, either to follow the crowd or move against it to seize new opportunities in your life, both financially and personally.  Are you considering moving to a new job, changing careers, retiring early, going back to school or starting a business?  Whatever changes you want to make in your life, it helps to know the mood of the nation.  Emotion shapes our lives and our futures.  Understanding the emotions of crowds will help you to achieve your goals and convert your dreams into reality.

Movies We Love in Times of Depression//