Dig Three Tunnels: The Great Escape to Personal Financial Freedom

Hi, I’ve just written a new ebook on personal finance based on the lessons learned from the WWII story, The Great Escape.

Learn  how watching The Great Escape can set you on your way to Financial Freedom!

Check out my book on personal financial freedom: Dig Three Tunnels: Your Great Escape to Personal Financial Freedom. It’s only $2.99, available as an ebook at Amazon for only $2.99. Learn from these brave WWII soldiers how to break out of your own situation and head for the trees and freedom!

The Great Escape had three tunnels: Tom, Dick and Harry.  Experience had taught the officers that tunnels are risky and once discovered, hard to start over.  You have to think the same.  If your escape plan relies on one tunnel, you could be in danger of exposure.  You have to diversify, manage risk and keep several options open for your escape.

So, if you’re a POW (Prisoner Of Whatever holds you back), don’t keep bouncing the ball against the wall.  Decide to escape and get planning to dig those three tunnels.

Dig Three Tunnels Your Great Escape to Personal Financial Freedom//

Dig Three Tunnels book cover

Escape to a happier life: learn from best escape artists from WW II.


Writer Sites With Good Stuff

For me, one of the great joys of the Web is to visit other writer’s web sites and check out what is happening with their lives, work and interests.  The following is a list of writer sites that I enjoy visiting and you should too…

http://www.carlhiaasen.com/ One of my first writer’s conferences was in Vancouver and I had the pleasure of listening to Carl Hiaasen talk about writing and his work.  He has a quirkiness and an attitude that I admire.

http://www.nelsondemille.net/ Nelson DeMille writes characters that ring true, have scars that make them real and again, the right attitude towards life’s priorities.

http://www.michaelconnelly.com/ Any writer who names a character after Hieronymus Bosch is okay by me.

http://www.danbrown.com/ Okay, Mr. Brown is THE publishing phenomenon of the 21st Century.  Go thou and do likewise…

http://www.ken-follett.com/ Mr. Follett is a great writer, great researcher.  Check out his Master Class on writing…

http://www.harlancoben.com/ Harlan Coben is a great writer of the individual thrust into the hell of circumstance.  His books are unique and disturbing.  He also had a series of detective novels about an ordinary guy named Myron mixing with extraordinary characters.

http://www.donaldwestlake.com/wks_bkex5.html Donald Westlake is an inspiration to me, a production god of the craft of writing.  Just check out his list of over 60 books that he has produced under at least four different names.

http://www.elmoreleonard.com/ He is the man of sparse prose, crisp dialogue and characters that re-affirm your faith in the resourcefulness of good and the stupidity of evil.  Absolutely check out his 10 rules of writing.

http://www.williamgibsonbooks.com/ A very crisp, informative and almost friendly site, one of the best writer sites you will ever visit.  Hats off to Mr. Gibson for spending the effort to make it wonderful.

http://www.stephenking.com/index_flash.php The Stephen King web site has a slick, glossy look and feel with lots of information about his current work, movie adaptation and a message board.  I keep tabs on Mr. King because of his great book On Writing that is about the clearest and most honest book about a writer’s life and methods that I have read.

http://www.suzeorman.com/home.asp Another publishing phenomenon, who talks about one of my favorite topics.  Okay, my favorite topic…money.  I hope one day to write a personal finance book that is 1% as successful as Suze.

http://www.neilgaiman.com/ I respect writers with a visual style and  Neil Gaiman is very visual and always imaginative.  His journal entries on his web site are great and one wonders how he gets time to do half the stuff he does.